This page contains the original documentation as long as our new page Documentation wiki is still under construction.


The official releases and some intermediate code snapshots of OpenDA can be downloaded from sourceforge. The binary distributions are the best starting point for new users. Note that the downloads are different for Windows and for Linux and Mac. Instructions for installation can be found in the OpenDA User Documentation.

Initial Steps

A webinar is available that shows the initial steps with OpenDA:

OpenDA Course

A course is available to learn much more about OpenDA (note that the course is about version 2.3, new course material for version 2.4 will be available shortly)

  • Download course pdf with description and exercises
  • Download the input files for the OpenDA course

Reference Material

Compilation of OpenDA from source

The development version of OpenDA with all the latest functionality is hosted as a github repository at

Alternatively you can download the source for the latest or earlier release at Look for the zip-file with “src” in the name.